Happiness Is…

Traveling around in some of our favorite scenery with one gorgeous view and campsite after another.

View from the campsite at Valley of the Gods, Utah
We rode our bikes over the road of the Valley of the Gods which was great fun.

Being able to stop at Natural Bridges National Monument to take a hike on opening day. With all the closures, we’ve missed so many other monuments and parks.

There were 3 bridges to view on a 10 mile hiking loop that also passed by some Puebloan cliff dwellings- finally!
These are called the Horse Collar Ruin because of their unique shape.

Starting to meet up with other trucks (and their people) that are like ours…

We met a German couple on the trail near Bears Ears monument. They got the last plane to the US before the covid shutdown to reunite with their truck home here!

Meeting up with old friends like Heather (another one!) and her husband Lal in Moab and spending several days together catching up, eating great food, hiking, biking and camping. We hadn’t seen each other in 9 years.

Despite it being a bit awkward because of covid, we still had a great time. On one day we made our own trail and hiked up to some beautiful rock formations that reminded us of Russian architecture with their onion bulb tops.
We loved Heather & Lal’s dog named Beans. He didn’t want to miss a thing.
Moab is interesting in that it is really warm in the valley but there are still snow covered peaks in the near distance.

Being near the water again.. whatever water we can find! This time, Antelope Island State Park in Salt lake City. I loved this place!

There was so much to see at Antelope Island, the sky and water were so colorful and there were loads of birds both on and off the water.
There are hundreds of bison on the island and some are even right out the door of the camper! Bison can run 40mph, they eat 40 lbs of grass per day and they are the real “buffalo” of the US since we don’t actually have buffalo here. So much for the buffalo nickel!
There is an old ranch turned park museum with more lovely views and examples of ranch life on the island. Today. the entire island is park. There are deer, pronghorn, snakes, & porcupines, all of which we saw.
Just more pretty scenery

And doing all of these things with Jon, my best pal, the best thing that ever happened to me.

He’s the only one I know who likes to do all the same things I do for as long as I do!
We spent our anniversary at Antelope Island and it was a great day.

We are currently headed north, hoping to greet a few more cruising friends, summer (if it gets here) and be ready for a lot of backcountry camping along with some truck projects. Although it doesn’t feel too summery at the moment!

We camped at Craters of the Moon in Idaho last night. Last evening there were wildflowers on the hillside. This morning, they are covered in snow.

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