Single Rear Wheels/Tires

The LK/LN2 class trucks were built with a 8 bolt lug pattern. This makes replacement rims a bit difficult to come by in the USA as heavy trucks here have 10 bolt rims. So, because we wanted to swap out the dual rear wheels with a single rear wheel (for better capability off road) we needed to order in new rims. These rims were custom made for these trucks for the conversion to single rear wheels, “SRW”. Why the switch? Well when you drive a truck with dual rear tires in rocky terrain you run the risk of jamming a rock between the tires. This can cause you to ruin the sidewall of the tires. Also the new tires are a bit taller giving us more ground clearance and a slightly higher top speed.

These rims are 11.75″ wide and 22.5″ diameter and were manufactured for converting these trucks to single rear wheels (important to have the correct offset so the wheels can be used for both front/back by reversing them). So once we got the rims we started to look for tires. Our intention with this truck is mainly rough roads and not true off roading. So I was looking for a on/off road tire with adequate weight rating. I came across the General Tire Grabber OA which seemed to fit the bill, plus a local commercial truck tire shop gave us a great deal on 4 of them.

While installed the tires we had the tire shop toss in some balancing beads in each tire. These bags break apart inside the tire once you drive a bit. The beads then dynamically balance you tires while you drive. So far we go down the road nice and smoothly. Both the rims and tires seemed to have balanced very well.