Cargo Doors

Cargo doors do not really seem like an exciting topic but once you realize you will be cutting holes in your nice 50mm thick insulated walls you really start to think. So here are my thoughts.

  • They need to be as close to 2″ thick with a insulating foam core
  • Most doors will be large enough to require struts
  • Would be best to have flush mounted handles/locks
  • Would be best if the skins were gelcoated fiberglass that matches the habitat
  • And affordable…

Seems like these should be easy to find? Well not really. Tern Overland¬†supplies some nice doors but they are powder coated aluminum, about 1″ thick and the locks are not really flush. Challenger Door¬†in Indiana will custom make doors. They will make a 1 1/2″ foam cored fiberglass/gelocoated door with flush handles for not much more than the Tern Overland doors. I still need to follow up to see if they can match the RAL code of the Total Composites box. I also need to get a few more details but they really seem to be a good option.

We ended up choosing Tern Overland as they seemed like a good option and Total Composites sells them along with the panel kit. Did they tick off all my wants, well no. But they are nice quality doors that are available in the USA with great after sales support.