The Search

We have been asked how we found our truck. Well, nothing too special other than watching the commercial truck websites in Europe using various keywords for the search. We had narrowed our search down to a Mercedes fire truck. Trick with this is figuring out the Mercedes model numbers and what they mean. Add to that, Mercedes had a lot of options for these trucks and each one is a bit different. I ended up buying the Mercedes Electronic Part Catalog, so that I could look up these trucks by the VIN number. This software allowed me to see the original build spec for a specific truck, pretty helpful.

The websites I mainly used were and Make sure to try variations for your searches. As an example, I was searching for an AF truck and used that as a keyword. Then on a whim, I tried 4×4 and low and behold our truck popped up (it is an 1120 AF, the seller did not list it correctly). Got lucky!